‘It is very very scary’: 7-year-old survives rare COVID side effect, reunites with family

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s been nearly two weeks since 7-year-old Harmony Rowe has hugged her dad.

What started with a fever turned into a 12-day stay at the hospital for Harmony.

“Went to the pediatrician and he sent us home with some ibuprofen,” said Robbie Rowe, Harmony’s dad. “Thought she was going to be fine, and then when we woke up, and she had a 105-degree fever and had thrown up all over the bed.”

A fever that turned out to be multisystem inflammatory syndrome for children or MIS- C – a rare condition in kids that comes from being infected with COVID-19. As of August, there have been only 61 cases of MIS-C across Washington, according to the Department of Health. Out of one brother and three sisters, she was the only one who got it.

“Two out of the four had a fever but it was gone the next day. And then they were up and playing,” said Nina Rowe, her mom.

Nina was by Harmony’s side the entire time, separated from their family. The hardest part for her was when doctors put an IV into Harmony’s heart.

“That alone was like really really hard cause she was screaming on the top of her lungs and crying and she said ‘Mommy help me,’ but she didn’t realize, I was helping her,” Nina said. “It was the only way to get her better.”

Harmony’s parents weren’t vaccinated.

“As a father, the head of the house, I feel horrible,” Robbie said. “That maybe if I would’ve gotten the vaccine, my household wouldn’t have gotten sick.”

“Just to want to do everything in my power to make sure none of my kids land here and that is by doing my part so I am going to get vaccinated,” Nina said. “I don’t ever want a mom or anybody ever to have to go through what I went through because it is very very scary.”

The first thing Nina says she’s doing, now that Harmony is out, is getting the shot.

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