It could be several days before plows reach some side streets

It could be several days before plows reach some side streets

The City of Spokane says with more snow in the forecast, it could still be several days before they are able to plow some side streets.

The city has been trying to keep up with plow routes since the snow started falling in Spokane. But, the city says with round after round of snow, staying ahead has been impossible.

“Our crews have been in 24/7 operations since Friday, but each time they make headway, it snows again. And it doesn’t just snow a little bit. It’s snowing five and six inches at a time,” said Marlen Feist with the City of Spokane.

She says the city has to focus on arterials first, and as the skies dump more and more snow, it doesn’t give them much of a break clearing the most important roads.

“It’s just a matter of evaluating the conditions, watching the road conditions and putting the trucks where you need them and lots of times that’s back in the arterials in order for people to get where they need to go,” Feist said.

That’s not great news for people who have to drive for a living.

Sara Gonzales found her vehicle stuck while delivering for Postmates Tuesday. She got stuck in the West Central neighborhood and said it was the third time her car has been stuck in the snow.

“It’s pretty easy on the main streets, but getting into the neighborhoods I get stuck every single time,” she said.

She said her car has not been able to get through the snow-covered side streets.

“I think they’re terrible. It looks like it’s okay to go once you first start, but then when you’re, like, in the middle of it, you just get stuck,” Gonzales said.

Luckily, Gonzales was able to get help digging her car out of the snow Tuesday. Mike Fruci was nearby shoveling a sidewalk and helped get her out.

Then, moments later, he was help two more cars get going just a block away.

“It was great. It’s great. It’s always nice to help someone,” Fruci said.

Fruci owns a rental property in West Central and said the roads have been pretty treacherous out there.

“It’s pretty slick right now. I have a truck and it’s four by four and it’s slick for me. Watching everybody else is pretty tough,” he said.

Other neighborhoods, like the South Hill have also waited several days since they’ve seen a plow.

“I wanna say Saturday night they came through, but that was the last time,” said Tom Hawley, who was home on a snow day Tuesday.

He says with the roads as messy as they are, they aren’t getting much use.

“I’ve barely seen anybody driving though today. I think most people kind of decided to stay in,” Hawley said.

The city says it really needs a break in the snow before they will really be able to catch up. But with several more inches forecasted heading into Wednesday, they may not get the break they’re hoping for. But the city promises your roads will eventually get plowed.

“We’ll get there, but they’re going to have to be patient with us because it may not be today and it may not be tomorrow,” said Feist.

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