Is February the most hated month of the year?

It’s the last day of February and even that fact alone has many of you rejoicing and looking ahead to spring, and if you’re tired of this frigid February weather, you’re not alone.

Don’t let Tuesday’s sunshine fool you. It was downright cold. February is hard to get through after months of winter because we’re right on the brink of spring. Many people’s outlook on the shortest month of the year is pretty bleak.

“This year was a little colder than anticipated for me,” Ty Darrough, Spokane, said.

Our first measurable snowfall hit the ground November 16, and hasn’t let up since.

“Well, you know all the snow and stuff, it’s just been a hard winter for sure,” Alan Heigman, a construction worker, said.

People say they like the snow around Christmas time and expect it in January. But at this point in February, they just want winter to go away.

“I get icicles that develop in my mustache that are quite problematic,” construction worker Stephen Katchka said.

If you feel like this winter is dragging on, it kind of is.

This time last year, eager golfers were already dusting off their clubs, hitting the fairways at Qualchan. But you’d be hard pressed to find much green there today.

While just about everyone is aware of the futility of February in the Inland Northwest, at least the seemingly most hated month gives us the consolation prizes of Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras.

Usually Spoakne will see its last snowfall in March and occasionally in April.