IRS warns of potential scammers trying to steal your stimulus check

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 stimulus checks will start appearing in people’s bank accounts. 

The Internal Revenue Service wants to make sure that money gets into the right hands. 

As it begins to distribute the checks, the IRS is warning taxpayers of potential scammers. 

According to a release, those who are eligible for a stimulus check will get it either through direct deposit into their bank account, or in the form of a paper check. 

So, if you receive a call from someone asking to verify your filing information, chances are it’s a scam. 

Most recently, scammers have been targeting taxpayers, including immigrants, though the phone, the release said, claiming to be IRS employees and threatening to arrest or deport those who refuse to pay the money “owed.” 

“Everyone should be aware and be on alert against people preying on others with these types of fraudulent schemes,” said U.S. Attorney William D. Hyslop. “Don’t let someone take advantage of you. Report it when they try.” 

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