Iron Goat Brewing chefs take third in national cooking competition

Travis Tveit and Teague Hatsch stand in front of an Iron Goat Brewing sign
Credit: Travis Tveit

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Two local chefs have earned their place on the national stage.

Travis Tveit, head chef at Iron Goat Brewing, along with his sous chef Teague Tatsch, took third place at the All American Chef Battle in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

The first round of the competition was held in 25 different cities across the country in January 2019. Tveit won the Spokane competition, which helped propel him to the round in Vegas.

During the first part of this week’s showdown, Tveit and Tatsch served up Korean fried chicken wontons. They took it home with street tacos in the final round.

“We really just performed super well and couldn’t be happier with our result,” Tveit said in a message to 4 News Now. “What an honor.”

You can try their delicious cooking for yourself at Iron Goat Brewing in downtown Spokane. The menu flaunts everything from charred brussel sprouts to yellow curry to fig and blue cheese pizza.