Investigators searching social media accounts of suspected Freeman shooter

Investigators searching social media accounts of suspected Freeman shooter

Spokane County investigators are working with the FBI to search social media accounts they believe belong to the teenager who shot four classmates at Freeman High School last fall.

The information is contained in a search warrant filed this week in Spokane County Superior Court.

Sharpe admitted bringing a gun to Freeman High School in September. Investigators say he shot and killed Sam Strahan, then fired his gun down the hallway. Three girls were hit; all of them survived.

In the documents, investigators describe friends of Sharpe talking about his fascination with violence and past school shootings.

One described an exchange she had with Sharpe on Snapchat in March 2017. He reportedly said, “It’s funny all the thoughts in my head most involve a gun or knife to you.” In a conversation a few weeks later, Sharpe reportedly tells her, “I need to do something to prove myself” but says no one will get hurt.

In their initial search of Sharpe’s home, investigators describe finding notebooks with violent writings and lists of past school shooter’s names. They also seized computers and camera equipment.

According to the search warrant application, investigators have been working with FBI intelligence analysts. Those analysts identified several social media accounts they believe are associated with Sharpe. That includes one Facebook account, five Instagram accounts, five Twitter accounts, three YouTube channels, two Snapchat accounts, two Skype accounts, a Google+ account and two Kik accounts. Additional analysts found accounts attributed to Sharpe on Facebook and Line.

This specific search warrant seeks to give investigators access to the Instagram accounts.

It was signed by a judge in December, but just filed in Superior Court this week.

Sharpe is in the juvenile detention center in Spokane. He faces more than 50 charges, including the murder of Sam Strahan.