Investigators interview Hirzel over fatal shooting

After returning from a week-long vacation Deputy Brian Hirzel, the officer who shot and killed a 74-year-old Spokane Valley man was questioned by investigators Friday.

The Spokane Police Department confirmed late Friday afternoon investigators interviewed Hirzel.

In the interview, which lasted over two hours, Hirzel told investigators that he was conducting a prowl check in the neighborhood of 14200 E. 4th Avenue based on a ?citizen?s request? for that area.

?Officer Hirzel stated he chose the large parking lot of the Plant Farm because it allowed him to conduct the prowl check safely, and also for its proximity to the address where the prowl check was first requested,? Spokane Police spokesperson Jennifer DeRuwe explained in a media release.

Hirzel says that he saw Scott Creach approach his vehicle and saw that he had a firearm in his hand. The Spokane Police Department then describes a ?close encounter? occurred between Deputy Hirzel and Creach near Hirzel?s unmarked patrol car and there was a ?verbal exchange between [Hirzel] and Mr. Creach prior to the single gunshot being fired.?

The Spokane Police Department confirmed that only one gunshot was fired during the incident and Creach died from a single gunshot wound.

While the police department released a written statement on this case by e-mail late Friday afternoon, requests to both the sheriff’s office and the police department for interviews on this story were denied.