Investigation into school shooting plot finds guns, maps, potential targets

Investigation into school shooting plot finds guns, maps, potential targets

The investigation into a foiled school shooting plot in Richland has revealed the student who was planning the attack had specific targets in mind, and asked a few fellow classmates to help him carry it out.

The 13-year-old student was arrested Sunday, January 28th, for allegedly planning the attack on Enterprise Middle School in Richland.

Court documents reveal two classmates reported the student to their principal last Friday when they saw the student look up firearms on his school-issued laptop.

The principal immediately contacted police and expelled the student.

Further investigation found thousands of suspicious searches on the boy’s computer, including ones for guns, body armor, and school shootings.

Two students who say they’re friends of the suspect, have told investigators he tried to recruit them to help with the shooting plan.

Both told him they wanted no part in it, and now tell investigators the 13-year-old suspect threatened to kill them if they reported the plan to anyone.

The investigation so far, has found that the 13-year-old boy had shared at least two names of people he wanted to kill, kept a notebook with hand drawn pictures of the school, and showed fellow classmates several guns in a locked box, pointing to the one he said he would use in the shooting.

As the investigation continues, police say there is no ongoing threat to the middle school.

The suspect remains in custody at a juvenile detention center for threats to kill, and harassment.