Investigation finds no evidence of sexual harassment claims against former acting SFCC president

Investigation finds no evidence of sexual harassment claims against former acting SFCC president
Dr. Darren Pitcher resigned as acting president of Spokane Falls Community College

An investigation into sexual harassment claims against the former acting president of Spokane Falls Community College found no evidence to substantiate those claims.

In December, officials at SFCC received a complaint alleging claims of sexual harassment against then acting president Darren Pitcher. The woman later came forward and said that on one occasion Pitcher exposed himself to her. She also says he groped her on another occasion. The two also apparently had sexual intercourse, which she says was consensual.

Several other women also were interviewed about inappropriate sexual behavior by Pitcher, though they wanted to remain anonymous. The women said that they feared retaliation.

The Community Colleges of Spokane completed their investigation into the claims recently. In public records obtained by KXLY, the investigation concluded it could not find any evidence of sexual harassment or an inappropriate sexual relationship between Pitcher and the complainant.

The school concluded “There were no witnesses and any evidence that might have existed has long since been lost or destroyed.” The woman said she deleted her text messages with Pitcher, and Verizon confirmed to her that the messages could not be obtained.

During its investigation, The CCS concluded that there were issues with credibility both with Pitcher and the woman who filed the harassment claim.

The school did, however, find that Pitcher was violating other board policies.

Documents state that Pitcher and two women, called Witness B and Witness C, “used state resources, including technology and time, for personal purposes.” That included excessive text messages used from state issued phones and computers.

Those documents go on to say that “Their actions, including excessive texting – some during late hours and weekends – closed door meetings, observed physical closeness, etc…. would tend to support that a deep, personal relationship was formed.” The investigation says that Pitcher would have actually been involved in the process of implementing rules that would make such a relationship against policy.

As of now, there are no lawsuits filed against Pitcher or SFCC. Lawyers are still fighting to keep the names of the women who brought these claims forward redacted.