Introducing ‘Sir Plows-A-Lot:’ WSDOT’s newest tow plow

Sir Plows A Lot 2
Credit: WSDOT

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation has officially named its new tow plow.

“Sir Plows-A-Lot” now joins the agency’s fleet alongside Plowie McPlow Plow and The Big Lewplowski.

Naming WSDOT’s plows has become somewhat of a tradition. Each time the agency adds a new piece of equipment to its lineup, they allow members of the public to submit names. They narrow it down to a smaller list and then put it up to a vote.

The most recent vote was done March Madness-style. WSDOT organized its finalists into a bracket and narrowed it down through a series of Twitter polls.

Towbi-Wan-PlowNobi, the Fast and the Flurryus and Bow Chicka Wow Plow were some of the names that made it to the Sweet 16, but Sir Plows-A-Lot was the overall winner.

The new tow plow has hit the streets and as tempting as it might be, WSDOT asks that you keep your distance in order to keep drivers safe on the road.