Interactive aquarium ‘Blue Zoo’ opens in the Northtown Mall today

Blue Zoo, an 11,000 square foot interactive aquarium, will open at NorthTown Mall on August 1 at 10:00 a.m. The space will be full of tanks and interactive exhibits, with a wide-range of wildlife.

“Parents now are looking for a place to put down the iPhone and the iPad and go interact with your kids and do something productive and constructive,” Wesley Haws, owner of Blue Zoo Spokane, told 4 News Now.

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Haws hopes Blue Zoo will help educated kids and families on how they can affect nature. He wants people to know that, even if they don’t live by the ocean, what they do and how they live still impacts it.

“When people actually tell you to do something in Spokane to help the oceans, you’re like – oh, so this is what I’m protecting, right?” Haws said.

Blue Zoo will give people the opportunity to see marine life up close. There will be tanks full of starfish, shrimp and snails that people can even touch.

The aquarium will feature a predator tank, reef tank, giant octopus tank, river tank and Clownfish tank. Each one is designed to show how different fish live and thrive.

There will also be a freshwater center full of electric eels, Discus and Archerfish.

Blue Zoo will have more than just marine life, too. There will be reptile exhibit where people can hold and feed an iguana, as well as a bird exhibit.

Blue Zoo officially opens August 1. Information on annual and daily passes can be found on Blue Zoo’s website.

Interactive aquarium ‘Blue Zoo’ opens in the Northtown Mall today