Insurance company denies Clark’s Jewelers snow promotion refunds, store files appeal

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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Jewler Jane, of Clark’s Diamond Jewelers in Coeur d’Alene, said the store is “fighting” to be able to give customers who bought jewelry in December full refunds.

The store’s snow promotion stated if it snowed more than three inches on Saturday, January 11, anyone who made purchases from Nov. 22-Dec. 31 would get their money back. The total payout was estimated at $500,000.

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A snowstorm just so happened to move across the Inland Northwest in the days leading up to January 11. Luckily, Clark’s Jewelers customers thought, heavy snowfall Friday night continued well into the early hours of Saturday.

The store was confident its three inch requirement had been met. Saturday morning, Clark’s posted the following pictures to Facebook with the message: “Awesome news guys!!! Our local climatologist Cliff Harris is reporting 3.3 inches of snow since the start of our promo last night, with even more snow to come on the way tonight!! While we are awaiting official verification from Weather Command, it looks like we may have hit our goal folks!”

Awesome news guys!!! Our local climatologist Cliff Harris is reporting 3.3 inches of snow since the start of our promo…

Posted by Clark’s Diamond Jewelers on Saturday, January 11, 2020

But the store’s insurance company, which is responsible for paying out the refunds, wasn’t convinced.

On Monday, Owner Jane Clark explained the weather command center the insurance company used to verify the snow totals — which is located in Illinois — did not agree Coeur d’Alene saw a full three inches of snow on Saturday, January 11.

Clark said the store contested the report and an audit was being done to get the most accurate snow total data. She reiterated the store’s climatologist, Cliff Harris, had confirmed more than three inches of new snow Saturday morning.

“We’re hopeful that they will see that as well, and that they will confirm what we all already know, in that it snowed like crazy on Saturday morning and that it was enough for all of our wonderful customers to have their refunds.”

Clark said it would take a few days to get official word back from the company. In her message to customers, she said “we are fighting for you.”