Inmates make brief escape from Geiger Corrections Center

Two inmates escaped from the Geiger Corrections Center Tuesday night, but their jailbreak was short-lived as they were caught less than an hour after they went over the wire.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Department says 49-year-old Kathleen Stockton and 25-year-old Rachel Banks escaped around 7:20 Tuesday evening by climbing over the center’s security fence. Officers were alerted of the incident when one of the escapees asked someone at the Airway Express on Geiger Boulevard to help find them a ride.

Banks was found near Geiger and Electric about a mile away from the corrections center and Stockton was arrested about 20 minutes later.

As a result of their investigation, deputies arrested a couple – Troy Scheiber, 43, and Judith Scheiber, 46 – for attempting to render aid to the escapees. Authorities believe the couple planned to give Stockton and Banks clothing as well as a ride out of the area.

Instead the Scheibers were arrested and given a ride to the Spokane County Jail, where they were booked for 2nd Degree Rendering Criminal Assistance.

Stockton and Banks were both injured during their escape. Deputies say they used a blanket as a shield when they climbed over the razor wire on the security fence but both still suffered lacerations to their hands. Additionally Banks broke her ankle. The women were transported to a local hospital and then will be booked into the Spokane County Jail.

At the time of their escape Stockton was being held on a felony charge of possession of controlled substance while Banks was in custody on residential burglary and possession of a stolen motor vehicle charges. Deputies say both women now face additional felony charges of first-degree escape. Their escape is under investigation.