Inland Northwest fog: the winter-long haul

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The city is all too familiar with the fog by now, with many wondering how long it will last.

Morning, afternoon, and evening fog has persisted throughout the Inland Northwest since the beginning of winter. Many are sick of being stuck with this low visibility, and it does not look like we will see the end of it any time soon.

Combined with frost, the fog has kept roads and sidewalks slippery almost every morning. With nightly temperatures continuously re-freezing the streets, Spokane commutes have proven to be treacherous for most all drivers.

Constantly switching from dense to patchy, the fog does not stick around very long. But when it hits, it’s impossible to stay unnoticed.

The snowstorm from early January brought lots of snow, and luckily most of it has melted by now. However, some residential roads that were not plowed are seriously slicking up. Some hills in downtown residential areas are nearly impossible to navigate, especially with fog blocking the view.

So the question remains: when will it end? Well, the fogs expected to stick around for at least another week, with it hopefully clearing up sometime in February. Maybe sunny skies will fill the future forecasts, but only time will tell.

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