Inland Imaging offers discounted heart scans

Inland Imaging offers discounted heart scans

Inland Imaging is offering discounted heart scans for American heart month.

“We feel that it’s very important to give people all the information they need in order to make appropriate decisions regarding their health,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Nackos, a radiologist with Inland Imaging.

That’s why, for one month out of the year, Inland Imaging offers CT Coronary Calcium Scoring Exams for just $100, about 33% of the full price.

“It’s an opportunity for people to learn a little bit more about their heart health,” claimed Nackos.

To get checked out by Dr. Nackos and his team, all you need is a referral from your primary care physician and you’re clear to schedule an appointment. The information you’ll make available to your doctors could be enough to save your life.

“What the goal is with the heart screening is to access the arteries that supplies blood to the heart. Those arteries are called the coronary arteries – plaque can build up in those arteries, and what our CT Scans look at the calcium that builds up in those plaques in those arteries.

The whole screening takes about 10 minutes; just a heartbeat compared to the rest of your life.