Indiana second graders help Keith Osso come up with adjectives to describe the Zags

Indiana Gonzaga Kids 3
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LAPEL, Indiana — 4 News Now Sports Director Keith Osso had run out of ways to describe the Gonzaga men’s basketball team.

“Need a thesaurus, I’ve run out of ways to say amazing,” he tweeted on Tuesday, fresh off the Zags’ latest win.

That is when Mrs. Percy and her second grade class got to work.

Osso first met the group of little Zag fans at Lapel Elementary in Indiana last week. Their school has been holding a contest in which every class got to choose a team to root for in the NCAA Tournament. They chose the Zags.

For the past few weeks, they have been learning about coach Mark Few, the players and Spokane, and this week, they decided to help Osso with his writing by creating a list of adjectives to describe the team.

So, what words did they come up with? Competitive, brilliant, extraodinary and remarkable were just a few that made the list. In fact, they came up with 32 words for “hopefully” 32 wins.

It seems pretty clear we have some future Zags and future writers on our hands!

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