Spokane’s Indaba Coffee wins six medals at largest coffee roaster competition

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane’s Indaba Coffee won six medals in the world’s largest coffee roaster competition this past weekend.

The coffee shop, which has several locations, won two silver medals and four bronze medals at the Gold Bean North America for their High Drive Blend, Rwanda, Costa Rica and Swiss Water Decaf coffees.

Roasters across North America competed in different categories, including espresso, espresso with milk and filter coffee.

In the last competition in 2019, Indaba took home two medals.

“We are extremely proud of everyone that’s involved in making our coffee great and honored to represent Spokane on the world’s stage,” Indaba owner Bobby Enslow said.

The family-run business was founded in 2009. With each bag of coffee sold, Indaba donates a meal through Second Harvest Foodbank for someone in need. There are stores in Spokane and Tri-Cities, and another store will soon open in Yakima.

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