Incrediburger and Eggs set to open next week

Incrediburger and Eggs set to open next week

If you enjoy restaurants like the Wandering Table, the Gilded Unicorn, and the Yards Bruncheon – you will like Incrediburger and Eggs.

Those are all eateries owned by chef Adam Hegsted and operated by the Eat Good Group. Hegsted says while the menu will be different, Incrediburger will offer the same quality of food as his customers at other restaurants have come to expect.

“(It’s) the same quality of ingredients that we have at our other restaurants,” Hegsted said. “We are using seasonal local producers and those kinds of things but in a little bit faster of a setting.”

Everything you see at Incrediburger – right down to the buns and cheese – were made from scratch at the restaurant. Hegsted says making things in-house keeps the price point low.

The restaurant is set to open next Thursday, Feb. 8 at 7 a.m. at its 909 W. 1st Ave. location in downtown Spokane.

If you want to look over the menu for yourself, you can do so right here.



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