Incoming heatwave leaves Spokane’s homeless struggling to find places to stay cool

SPOKANE, Wash. — With temperatures predicted to break records by the end of the week, staying cool is a life-saving necessity, because heat stroke can be deadly

Right now in Spokane, there’s really one place for the homeless to go to cool off during the daytime, the Cannon Street warming shelter.

Here at the shelter, there’s a lot of people already in the covered area, taking a break from the heat.

“In the past few days, we’ve had about a 20 degree influx in temperature, so we’ve just been seeing people come out of the woodwork during the day,” said Jennen Shaffer, programming manager at the shelter.

And as it gets even hotter Shaffer said they’re preparing for even more people to need their services.

“It’s just when you get the hot at night and at the day that they just can’t handle it,” Shaffer said.

Daveyon Davis said his body is used to the heat, but with his belongings in tow even he’s playing it safe.

“It’s going to basically, I’m not trying to pass out. I don’t want to lose all of my belongings because I passed out,” Davis said.

The City of Spokane said they are making arrangements as the need increases.

“We’re looking first at using city spaces, and they’ll be daytime uses so we’ll be also looking to match up existing spaces, existing staffing,” said City of Spokane director of communications Brian Coddington.

Details will be coming out sometime tomorrow. If they need to, the City of Spokane said they will use additional dollars to fund those daytime use spaces.