‘I’m trying to move forward’: Family mourns death of teen killed in Monday’s head-on collision

SPOKANE, Wash. — A mom is without a son after he lost his life on Highway 395 in Stevens County on Monday. Chance Wilbur was one of three teens killed in a head-on collision with a firetruck. Now, family members want everyone to cherish their loved ones, because life can be taken in the blink of an eye.

“I’m just trying to move forward, and I’m having a hard time doing it because I keep waiting for him to call,” said Ina Dierks, Chance’s mom. “He told me an hour before the wreck I love you mom, and I’ll be there soon.”

Family members say Chance had a heart of gold and was always looking out for others, no matter where they came from.

“He was always there to help anybody that he could and keep me together,” his mom said.

His older brother, Tiras Wilbur says he “never judged a book by his cover until he walked in their shoes, and that’s one thing I’ll never forget about my little brother.”

“If we needed someone, Chance was there,” said Natausha Savage, his aunt.

Chance was only 17 years old and was one test away from graduating with his GED.

He was the one driving the car with his girlfriend, Jasmine Cogswell, and his best friend.

“If you saw one, you would see the others,” Natausha said.

His mom is now encouraging everyone to “never leave angry at anybody because that may be the last chance that you get to tell them how much you love them.

“Never leave angry at anybody because that may be the last change that you get to tell them how much you love them,” said Natausha.

The family says the three teens were coming home from picking up some items at the store. They plan to hold a funeral for Chance in Spokane but haven’t released a date yet. They’re also looking for legal representation in this investigation.

Washington State Police is asking anyone with information on this crash to call them at (360) 688-3408 or (509) 227-6643.

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