‘I’m sick’: Kennewick man dealt 10-year prison sentence for grooming teen

‘I’m sick’: Kennewick man dealt 10-year prison sentence for grooming teen

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A Kennewick man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually grooming a middle school girl who he claimed to be in love with.

In January 2018, police arrested Roy David Farber, 32, on multiple sex-related charges including possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a minor and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

He pleaded guilty to those charges last December.

Police became aware of Farber’s inappropriate behavior toward the 13-year-old victim when her parents found an unfamiliar phone in her room.

On that phone, police found nude photos exchanged between Farber and the girl along with plans for them to have sex, court documents say. The two had been in contact for several months.

The victim went to a school where Farber’s wife, Kimberlee, had been working at that time. His wife is facing separate charges for allegedly delivering the cell phone to the girl. She is no longer employed by the school.

When police interviewed the victim, said told them she had been to Farber’s apartment many times, and they only kissed once.

During his sentencing hearing in Benton County Superior Court on Thursday, Prosecutor Anita Petra said Farber has known the victim since she was 8 years old and that he was trusted by her family.

Petra said that Farber had “no remorse” for his actions and admitted that he still loves the child in a sexual way.

After the victim’s parents spoke about the damage inflicted upon their family, Farber acknowledged to the court that his actions were wrong.

“I’m sick. I see that now,” Farber said at the hearing. He apologized directly to the victim’s parents.

Farber said he meant to keep the victim safe, not manipulate her, and said he wished he could tell her how sorry he was.

The judge said there is never an excuse for an adult to victimize a child, and that his error was to have those feelings about a child in the first place.

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