‘I’m really frustrated’: USPS increases delivery time on first-class mail

SPOKANE, Wash. — Snail mail is getting slower.

The United States Postal Service is increasing delivery time on first-class mail to cut costs and make up for losses. However, some people feel like they’re the ones getting cut by the changes.

“I’m just kind of freaking out,” said Lynn Nelson. She relies on the mail to pay bills and stay in touch with loved ones. She’s worried about what the change means.

“This looks like it could go down really fast,” she said. “I’m feeling really frustrated about this.”

USPS is increasing transit time on flat items like letters, passports and bills. It says the time could go up one to two days. It’s part of a 10-year strategic plan to improve service, reliability and predictability for customers. Local deliveries won’t change. They should still arrive in two days.

Sixty-one percent of first class mail isn’t supposed to be affected. However, USPS says it’s the long-distance deliveries that will be different, like going from New York City to Washington.

Nelson gets mail and medicines from the East Coast, so she’s even more concerned.

“Not only do we take the chance of having something important late, we’re going to have to pay more for it to be late,” Nelson said.

Rates are rising for the holidays on commercial and retail packages. Those prices start on Sunday, Oct. 3.

The Postal Service wants to rely more on ground transportation instead of air. We reached out to the local Post Master in Spokane to address concerns on the issue, but he declined to comment.

Lynn’s just worried about people living in rural areas or seniors who may not be as mobile.

“It’s real serious,” she said.

USPS says to plan ahead and mail items earlier, so everything can get to its final destination when it should.

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