‘I’m hurt and I’m angry’: Spokane protesters join nationwide protest in Breonna Taylor decision

SPOKANE, Wash. — Protesters were back on the streets in Spokane this weekend, renewing their calls for justice and equality.

During today’s event, Spokane Police arrested two people—a minor for disorderly conduct and an adult for obstructing an officer. There aren’t any more details about exactly what unfolded, but we do know that today’s protest was part of a nationwide response to a grand jury’s decision not to charge Louisville Police officers with killing Breonna Taylor.

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Protesters told 4 News Now that today was all about Breonna Taylor and about how Black women matter. Several women of color, of all ages, made their voices heard to the group here.

“What did we do to you? What did we do to deserve this? We don’t deserve to die!” 16-year-old Jada Richardson lamented.

Richardson said she was disappointed when she heard the news that Louisville officers were not charged with murdering Breonna Taylor.

“I’m hurt and I’m angry… and I’m kind of pissed off, you know?” Richardson said. “Just the fact that people who are supposed to protect us continue to kill us over and over again.”

You could hear the passion in every word of every speech delivered at the ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ protest today.

More than six months ago, Louisville Police broke down Taylor’s front door while executing a no-knock warrant; they were shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who said he believed the officers were unidentified intruders. Dozens of shots rang out in a violent exchange of gunfire, during which police shot and killed 26-year-old Taylor.

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted one officer with wanton endangerment for blindly firing into the apartment and endangering neighbors.

No charges were brought that were directly connected to Taylor’s death. So today, people in Spokane stood with others across the nation, chanting “Black Lives Matter, Black women’s lives matter, Breonna Taylor matters.”

“No matter how many times you hear information that is scary or sad, it doesn’t make it any less painful when you hear about it and it really just cemented that we can’t just expect things to change,” said another protester, Scyla Dowd. “We have to make them change.”

Activists say that this change takes coming together and voting.

“Let’s stop this dividing,” said protest organizer, Dustin Jolly. “It’s not Blue Lives against Black Lives, it’s the community coming together and building a better community for our future.”

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