‘I’m going to miss it’: Ferris High School seniors surprised with signs from staff

SPOKANE, Wash. — For the Class of 2020, their last year in high school now means no prom and no senior pictures.  Plans for graduation are still up in the air. But, staff from Ferris High School gave those students a little hope and happiness Wednesday.

There were about 400 signs for 400 seniors at Ferris High School. They were put on the front lawns of students’ homes to help them feel a little better about everything going on.

“They are feeling, you know, they are hurting.  So, that connection, it’s really important for us to keep that connection,” said Ken Schutz, the principal of Ferris High.

Staff from Ferris drove up to the high school and grabbed a stack of signs to give to kids who are now missing the traditions of a senior class.

When Senior Will Clements saw his former English teacher on his lawn with the sign, it made him realize how much he missed being in school.

“It was nice to see her again, because I didn’t realize how much I missed my teachers, and how much they were an impact on my life,” Will told 4 News Now.

Doing that small gesture of putting signs up saying “Saxons, Class of 2020” on senior students’ lawn, it showed the senior class some appreciation, making both the students and staff feel special.

“I’m sad for the seniors. I hope that we’ll do a lot of little events like this to make it great and memorable for kids,” said Diane Cortner, a teacher with the high school.

This was a way teachers, coaches and other staff members got to see their students again, after a month of online teaching. Not only did it benefit the kids, but their mentors as well.

“They need it right now, just like we do. So, it’s kind of going to go both ways,” Schutz said.

A red sign on a wire stick put on the front lawn for the kids isn’t just for show, it means more than that.

“We know that some of them are struggling and we just want them to know we care about them. We’d like to be with them, but we can’t so, that’s what we’re trying to do,” Schutz said.

It also let them know that they’re not alone.

“It’s kind of nice to know that people are actually, that I’m not the only one that’s worrying about it. I’m not the only one. There’s people supporting me,” Will said.

With how teachers are honoring students, Will wanted to thank his mentors and the people who have been in his life for the last four years.

“Thank you to everyone at Ferris because I’m going to miss them. I’m excited for all this quarantine stuff to go by and maybe it won’t be until next year I’ll see them, and get to go walk through Ferris again with all of them there, but, I hope to do it soon,” Will said. “I’m going to miss it.”