‘I’m a husband first and a father first’: WSU head football Jake Dickert opens up about family life

PULLMAN, Wash.– A head coach in any sport at any college has to wear a lot of hats. For Washington State’s head football coach Jake Dickert, one of those hats is bigger than the rest.

We’ve started to get to know Dickert as a coach. Now, we get to see him as a dad and husband.

“I’m a husband first and a father first and taking care of those people is the number one thing in my life. And when home is right, your work can be right, and I just kind of use that to push through all of it,” Dickert said.

He and his wife Candice will celebrate their tenth anniversary this summer. The two met in college and have traveled around the country ever since. He says everyone needs a coach in their life and she’s his.

“Everybody needs a coach in life, so she always keeps me in line when I start going off the trail.”

Their three kids keep them on their toes. He says they enjoy seeing them pick up different hobbies and interests. His daughter jus that a dance recital and the two boys love football.

One thing he talks about is leaving football at the stadium and being part of the family when he walks through the doors at home. He says football is part of who they are, but it isn’t everything he is.

“I’ve never walked in the door and my daughter values me because of wins and losses. They want dad,” Dickert said.

The Cougs’ bowl schedule this year means Coach Dickert will be able to spend Christmas at home with his family. That itself is a gift.

“To be honest with you, it’s the first day off I’ve had in five months, so just excited to be home. ‘Hey, dad are you going to work today?’ ‘Oh no,”‘ Dickert said. “We’re going to be here we’re going to share that moment, I’m going to get something to put on the Traeger. I love to have a good Christmas meal.”

Coach Dickert doesn’t just understand the importance of his role in his players’ lives, but also his kids’ lives, too.

“You don’t get these moments back and that’s what I keep telling, my wife keeps telling me my daughter’s only ten once and my boys will only be this age once, right? So, it’s going fast, so we just enjoy every moment that we possibly can.”

Coach Dickert’s next big game is the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl in El Passo, Texas. The kickoff is at 9 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

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