Video shows customer at Papa Murphy’s in Kennewick arguing over mask mandate

KENNEWICK, Wash. – A video is making the rounds on social media of a woman shouting angrily after being asked to wear a mask at a Papa Murphy’s restaurant in Kennewick.

The video was originally shared by Corinne J Love, who wrote that her dad witnessed the encounter on Sunday.

In the video, the woman claims to be medically exempt from the mask mandate and can be heard saying, “I have a right to my pizza. I have a right to get my order.”

At one point, the man behind the camera can be heard asking, “What Karen? What Karen?”

The video has garnered around 20,000 views and over 600 shares as of early Monday morning. It can be viewed below but viewer discretion is advised due to some foul language.


Yet another Karen incident in Kennewick Washington. My dad encountered these idiots today at Papa Murphy's.

Posted by Corinne J Love on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Later in the video, a man outside can be heard saying “show me the law” pertaining to the mask mandate before the man taking the video is heard saying, “tonight you will be on YouTube.”