Idaho wants to help drivers stay focused

Idaho wants to help drivers stay focused
Idaho offers drivers help in focusing behind the wheel

Whether it’s a drive around the block or a trip across the state, there is no shortage of distractions to take your mind off the road. To help Idahoans stay focused on the drive, ITD’s Office of Highway Safety launched a new engaged-driving program called SHIFT in early November 2017. The idea behind engaged driving is to create an opportunity for Idahoans to start thinking and talking about what’s appropriate behind the wheel and in the passenger’s seat. SHIFT is designed to help share techniques and strategies to reduce distractions and grow driver engagement.

The target audience is any of Idaho’s licensed drivers, specifically youthful drivers who engage more frequently in distracted-driving behaviors and are responsible for 30% of accidents on Idaho roads, despite representing less than 10% of drivers.

SHIFT also combines efforts to reach drivers directly through different media with workplace engagement. A pilot program is currently underway to develop a toolkit to help teach employers how to talk to their employees about engaged driving. The pilot sites will test different tools and review workplace distracted driving policies to see what can be done to impact driver behavior.

“We really believe this layered approach will help create safer roads and a safer Idaho,” Office of Highway Safety Manager John Tomlinson said.