Idaho voters decide on school levies, bonds

Idaho voters decide on school levies, bonds

Post Falls School District celebrated Tuesday night after preliminary results indicated their $20 million bond in the Special Election passed by a large margin.


Post Falls is a fast growing community, and as the number of students enrolling each year increases, the district is currently outgrowing their current facilities. They consider the passing of the bond a huge victory.

The biggest addition the bond will add is a new elementary school to house 500 students in the fall of 2016. Currently some elementary schools in the district are experiencing extreme over-crowding. For example, Prairie View Elementary School is designed to hold 550 students but currently 670 students are enrolled.

The bond would also build a second story to River City Middle School, performance auditorium and auxiliary gym at Post Falls High School, and other various improvements all around the district.

The Post Falls Superintendent, Jerry Keane, was refreshing his internet browser all night and was left nearly speechless by the high number of ‘yes’ votes.

“Boy, all I can say is that we are very fortunate that supports our children and our schools, so thank you Post Falls,” Keane said.

The district will be working hard to get the ball rolling on construction as soon as possible. They are hoping to have the second story addition to River City Middle School completed by the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

The district had a levy up for vote on Tuesday that also passed.

Coeur d’Alene

A $15 million a year supplemental levy passed with 72 percent of the vote. It’ll replace an expiring levy that funds many district programs. The school district also asked for an additional $2 million to hire more teachers, reduce class sizes and pay for up to date text books and classroom materials.

Lake Pend Oreille School District 

Voters passed a replacement levy for the Lake Pend Oreille School District. The levy accounts for 30 percent of the district’s budget and pays for all extracurricular activities and 1/3 of the district staff.

West Bonner County School District

A big win for West Bonner County School District where voters are currently passing a two year, $6 million supplemental levy. Last year the district had to cut the levy in half and send it back to voters a second time to get it passed.