Idaho to remain in Stage 4 for additional 2 weeks

Idaho Gov Brad Little

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho will stay in Stage 4 for an additional two weeks.

Governor Brad Little made the announcement during a press conference Friday. He said the decision to extend this stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan was made because COVID-19 hospitalization rates remain too high.

During the press conference, Little noted recent efforts state leaders have taken to help Idaho’s residents and economy.

He said Idaho’s budget is “amazingly robust” and noted that the Gem State is number one for economic momentum, fiscal solvency and in personal income growth over the past year.

“We have responsibly managed the pandemic,” Little said. “Idaho was one of the first states with a plan in place to safely and responsibly rebound the economy in stages.”

The decision on whether or not to advance out of Stage 4 will be made in two weeks. This is the eighth time Little has extended the current stage.