Idaho State Police online sexual assault tracker helps victims track status of their kits

Lawmakers propose funding bump to speed up rape kit testing

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Idaho State Police wants to remind the public of an online sexual assault kit tracker, which allows victims to track the status of their kit through forensics and the criminal justice system.

The tool has been available for a few years and ISP says Idaho is the first state to implement this tracker as a statewide service.

“The kit tracking system is designed to build trust with survivors and provide critical information to policy and lawmakers,” said ISP Forensic Services Director, Matthew Gamette. “ISP’s role is to train and educate, process, and track these kits, which taken all together, means a more efficient and responsive criminal justice system.”

According to ISP’s 2020 report to the Idaho Legislature, while the number of sexual assault kits has “remained fairly constant,” the percentage of cases going without investigation is decreasing, meaning the state is working through their log of kits.

To use the tool, click here.