Idaho senator not sorry for lashing out at student group

Idaho senator not sorry for lashing out at student group

UPDATE: Sen. Dan Foreman tells the Associated Press he is not sorry for yelling at a group of University of Idaho students who traveled to Boise Monday for a meeting with him, only to be turned away.

“I think (my) response was dead on and people can take exception to that — they’re welcome to their point of view — but I take abortion seriously. It’s murder,” Foreman told the AP.

Senate President Tom Hill apologized to the students for the way they were treated and said Foreman’s behavior reflects on the legislature.

“I told him it wasn’t an appropriate response; we need to conduct ourselves with much more dignity, civility and respect,” said Hill, a Republican. “I think he understands that I’m not very happy with how he conducted himself.”


The video of an Idaho senator, giving a tongue lashing to students from the University of Idaho, is stirring up quite the reaction on Twitter. As of Monday night, the video had already garnered 192K shares. The students behind that video told KXLY, they felt the senator bullied them.

In the video, Republican Sen. Dan Foreman, can be seen engaging the group over abortion. The students, who are with Generation Action at the U of I, said they had a scheduled 9 A.M. meeting, which the senator did not make. They said they wanted to talk with the senator about a bill that would give women 12 months of birth control and institute a comprehensive sex education course in schools.

When the senator wasn’t available the group left him hand written message with their thoughts. Also taped to the poster board was a condom.

In the video Senator Dan Foreman can be heard saying;

“You want to talk about disrespectful and rude. I should play back that conversation where you’re accusing me of being a liar, not honoring my commitment to be in a meeting. Abortion is murder. I stand against it,” said Sen. Foreman. “I stand against it. I am a Roman Catholic. I am a conservative Republican. I think what you guys do, stinks.”
“That is your choice,” said a member of the group.
“Your damn right it’s my choice. So stay out of my office,” said Sen. Foreman. “Next time you walk into my office you’re going to be dealing with ISP.”

KXLY spoke with the students as they returned from their trip to the legislature Monday night.

“As you can tell from the video, it was, it was pretty intense. It was, um a lot of us were pretty shaken up,” said Emily Carter with Generation Action at the University of Idaho. “We’re going to be back the next year for Lobby Day, we’re gonna keep going with our group here at the University of Idaho and we are gonna keep supporting Planned Parenthood cause that’s what we are here to do.”

Sen. Foreman responded on twitter saying: “We met, and your disrespect made it impossible to continue. Your group’s rabbit call for the choice to murder innocents is also against everything I stand for. Stop harassing me and staff.”

Since that tweet, it appears his account may have been de-activated.

We reached out to Sen. Foreman Tuesday evening and are waiting for his response. Generation Action says it would like an apology from the senator for, what they are calling, his aggressive response.