Idaho senator honors Korean War veteran with service medals

It is always said that you never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

That’s the case for Charles Riffel, a U.S. Army veteran, who lost his service medals about 7 years ago.

Luckily for him, the story ends with a moment he’ll never forget.

Riffel served as a machine gunner for the U.S. Army during the Korean War for 14 months before being honorably discharged.

But on Thursday, U.S. Senator Jim Risch wanted to personally honor the veteran, and handed Riffel some new service medals himself.

Riffel said he lost the medals about 7 years ago. The older he got, the more he found himself wanting to get some replacements.

In the end, he said there was no greater honor for him than getting them from Senator Risch.

“It’s very special, very very special,” Riffel said. “You know he’s Senator of this great state of Idaho and the great and wonderful country of our United States of America, and these have elevated a long ways since they were given to me by him.”