Idaho regulators set new timeline for Avista-Hydro One deal

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Idaho utility regulators have set a new schedule for a hearing on the proposed $5.3 billion sale of Avista Corp. to Hydro One.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved the new schedule for deliberations on Tuesday, saying they may not be ready to make a decision on the sale by mid-December.

Hydro One is the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in the Canadian province of Ontario. Company officials announced last year that Hydro One would merge with the American energy company Avista, which serves customers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The deal must be approved by regulators in each state.

Avista and Hydro One have asked Idaho regulators to make a decision by Dec. 14, but the public utility commissioners say they may need more time.

Under the new schedule, a technical hearing will be held Nov. 26. A previous hearing scheduled for July was canceled after Hydro One’s CEO retired and its board of directors resigned.