Idaho Potato Commission offers tips to make the perfect french fries

There may be a french fry shortage in US
Michael Moriarty/Pixabay

BOISE, Idaho — Monday is National French Fry Day and if you are looking to celebrate, the Idaho Potato Commission is here to help.

The IPC has tips for frying perfect fresh-cut potatoes, as well as general fry *suggestions.*


  • Wash and scrub the skin-on potatoes well, and allow to air-dry in single layers on sheet pans
  • Using a wall mount or sturdy french fry cutter, cut the potatoes into the desired strips, leaving skins on. Place them in a large plastic bucket and rinse with cold water until the excess starch and sugars are removed. Add water to the cut potatoes, and place the container in the fridge. Use within 24 hours
  • Remove cut potatoes from water, spin dry with a salad spinner or drain on a screen before placing into the fryer
  • Blanch or partially cook the fries in a 325-350 degree fryer for 2-3 minutes. Remove and drain. Allow them to cool to room temperature before the final fry. Chill in plastic tubs before the final fry
  • Finish fries off in the fryer at 350-375 degrees for 3-4 minutes until golden brown and fully cooked. Remove and drain well
  • After removing from the oil and draining, season with salt


  • To preserve the potato taste, dedicate a sepcific fryer to french fries
  • Fry at 350 degrees
  • Fill fry baskets only half full, better oil circulation results in crisper fries
  • In a two-fry container, fry only one basket of fries at a time
  • Place finished fries on a screen to drain away excess oil
  • Frequently skim excess particles out of the oil and clean oil often
  • For the best quality, use only Idaho potatoes

For more information and tips, visit the Idaho Potato Commission’s website.