Idaho man shares warning about Craigslist scam

Idaho man shares warning about Craigslist scam

A Craiglist ad almost cost one Idaho man his privacy of his personal information. Now, he’s sharing his story to spread awareness and hopefully prevent someone else from becoming a victim of the same scam.

Ken Withey was using Craigslist to sell a vehicle. He said he recently received an email from a potential buyer. That person had an unusual request, they wanted Withey’s personal email, which he provided, and then they wanted him to complete a car report through a website called my reports. Withey was hesitant. He’d never heard of the report site before.

“So I told them I’d look into it. It was only $24, but it was a site that was unsecured, it didn’t have the HTTPS on the address,” Withey said.

That was one of many red flags. He started to dig deeper into where the website was coming from and who ran it. He said he discovered the site was based out of Panama and was not an authentic report service.

He acknowledged that this was a clever set up that nearly fooled him, a cybersecurity professional. Withey said this is an example of how complex new cyber crime tactics are.

“Be careful where you are going. Don’t accept emails with links from people you didn’t have contact with,” Withey said.

He said people should be skeptical about online offers or strange phone calls. He encouraged people to do research before giving out personal information. He said trusting your gut can also be a good thing to keep in mind.

“If you feel you’re being taken advantage of or something is wrong, go somewhere else. You initiate the shopping, don’t let somebody do it for you,” Withey said.

You can file complaints with federal and state authorities if you’ve been the victim of a scam.