Idaho left out of ‘Western States Pact’, Gov. Inslee points to lack of unity as the issue


SPOKANE, Wash.– Washington is working with California and Oregon to create a plan that will eventually reopen the three states.

Idaho isn’t included in those talks, and Governor Inslee said there’s a reason for that.

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“The governor is having a little more difficult time in Idaho building a consensus about the next step,” Inslee said.

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen elected officials in Idaho push back against the state’s stay home order.

Bonner Co. Sheriff Daryl Wheeler is one of those people criticizing the order, calling the state’s coronavirus response “unconstitutional.” State representative Heather Scott also questioned the order.

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Inslee thinks opinions like those are holding the state back.

“The more unity you have in your community, the more successful you will be, and I guess what I’m saying is Idaho has not been successful having the degree of unity that we have had,” Inslee said.

Inslee said Washington, California, and Oregon have been working together since this pandemic started.

But, he’s still giving Idaho a chance to come around.

“We have a position where we can act in unison, we hope Idaho can get there and join us,” Inslee said.

Inslee said he understands the desire to open states back up and get the economy flowing again. But, making the decision too soon could be devastating.

“Over time, this is going to come back in our state big time if we were to release social distancing today,” Inslee said.