Idaho lawmakers to tackle licensing reform

Senate panel vacates vote used to kill marijuana oil bill
Maxbatt / Wikimedia Commons

A group of Idaho lawmakers say they will be studying possible changes to the state’s licensing laws by creating their own committee to tackle the issue.

Chairs of the House Business Committee and Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee announced Monday that they were creating a joint panel to examine licensing regulations for possible streamlining and eliminations.

Idaho’s licensure system has received scrutiny over the years as lawmakers have debated individual licensing board changes. Some of the most heated debates during the 2017 legislative session involved tweaks to state cosmetology licensing from lawmakers who used the argument to criticize government overregulation.

The bill was eventually vetoed, sparking increased calls for licensing reforms.

In May, Lt. Gov. Brad Little signed an executive order directing the state to review Idaho’s occupation licensing requirements and submit suggestions by July. However, lawmakers say they need immediate changes to the state’s 40-year-old licensing system.