Idaho lawmaker sponsors bill to save cats, dogs in cars

Idaho lawmaker sponsors bill to save cats, dogs in cars

Rep. Elaine Smith (D-Pocatello) has sponsored a bill that would protect first-responders from liability and prosecution for rescuing dogs or cats in cars from extreme weather.

“The Dog and Cat Rescue Act protects not just our most beloved animals, but also our first responders.” Smith said in a statement. “Police, fire, and emergency medical personnel have protections when saving us; they should have those same protections when saving pets who are vulnerable and can’t save themselves.”

If the bill is passed, Idaho will be among multiple other states who have similar laws in place. Washington, Nevada, Oregon and 25 others have passed bills that protect animals and the first-responders who save them.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says that in 10 minutes, the temperature inside a car can increase by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. On a 70 degree day, the temperature in a car can raise 40 degrees over the course of an hour, making the vehicle close to 110 degrees. Studies cited by the agency add that cracking a window does not help in these cases. To read more about these studies, click here.

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