Idaho lawmaker clarifies position on abortion punishment

Idaho lawmaker clarifies position on abortion punishment
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Republican lieutenant governor candidate and state senator Bob Nonini says the Associated Press mistakenly reported that he nodded in support of putting women to death for getting an abortion at a candidate forum in Moscow Monday.

The Associated Press reported that Nonini, who is running for lieutenant governor, nodded yes, when asked if he supported the death penalty as a possible punishment for abortion. Nonini told KXLY Friday that he does not think women should be put to death for the procedure, but favors other penalties for women who choose abortion.

“Someone needs to speak for the yet to be born. They are humans. They need to be protected. They are not yet able to speak for themselves. Someone needs to speak for them and it’s been a large position and an important position to be over my 14 years in the legislature and I will continue to be a pro-life advocate,” Nonini said. “But I think it was bad reporting by the AP writer in Boise.”

Sen. Nonini believed he has been unfairly criticized.

“The girl has taken a head nod, something I never said, but she said I nodded my head and put words to a head nod. Now, that’s totally up to the AP reporter, but what she says happened, never happened,” Nonini said.

Nonini was joined by two of his challengers during Monday night’s forum. Both GOP businesswoman Janice McGeachin and former Idaho Republican Party chairman Steve Yates agreed with Nonini that abortion is murder.

Abortion was made legal across the United State in 1973.