Idaho jewelry store expects snow promotion refunds to hit $500,000


COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho– While many people might grumble about the weekend snow storm, some in Idaho are celebrating it.

Clark’s Diamond Jewelers announced late last year that its beloved snow promotion would return. Owner Jane Clark promised to refund purchases made between November 22 and December 31 if it snows at least three inches in Coeur d’Alene January 11.

The likelihood of that happening is looking better as the hours pass.

“The excitement is definitely building around here,” Clark said.

That goes for both Clark and customers. She said about 500 people could get refunded if it snows enough. That totaled about $500,000 in sales, according to Clark.

Believe it or not, she wants to pay up.

“A lot of people think we don’t want it to snow, but we are rooting right along with our customers, which makes it really exciting for everybody,” Clark said. “We want it to happen.”

clark's diamond jewelers

Clark’s Diamond Jewelers has been on Sherman Avenue for more than 100 years. The Clark family purchased it in the 60s and have kept it in their family since then. While styles and designs have come and gone, one thing has remained at this store. The owners are dedicated to serving the community.

That’s why the Clarks get so excited about this seasonal promotion. Clark said her father started it more than a decade ago. It ran for a few years, before it finally snowed enough for a refund in 2005. That’s the only payout they’ve ever had to make, so far.

The promotion went away for a few years, but recently made a return. Clark said there’s a lot to look forward with this year’s event.

“This is the best odds we’ve ever had,” Clark said.

Clark worked with a local meteorologist to pick this day months ago. She wanted to choose a time with an exceptionally high chance of snow.

“So, three inches in 24 hours is, it’s doable and it looks like it very well could happen,” Clark said.

The store owner noted that it will take a few days for her confirm the snow total and see which purchases qualified for the promotion. From there, she has to file a claim with her insurance, so it could be a few weeks before checks are ready for people to pickup. Again, all of that hinges on whether it snows three inches on Saturday.

Clark said she’d contact customers with the good news if it snows enough. She planned to host a party in February to celebrate the event and her customers.

“At least one time a year, we get excited that it’s snowing,” Clark said.