Idaho House passes higher education funding bill

BOISE, ID. — Money for higher education in Idaho has been an issue all session, with lawmakers previously voting down funds, saying colleges are just feeding students liberal ideas.

House Bill 387 is a simple budget bill — it goes through the legislature every year and the money goes toward funding the four state colleges and universities. This year, however, there has been an increasing attack on those colleges and the supposed culture they breed.

“I’ve had several emails from parents who are very concerned about this ‘critical race theory’ that is being taught in our schools,” said Rep. Karey Hanks.

“Drastic cuts to higher education cannot be based in anecdote alone, it cannot be,” argued Rep. Chris Mathias.

For the second time in a month, members of the Idaho State House debated over the funding of higher education in the state.

Republicans claim that critical race theory and social justice is being forced upon students across the state, and those programs should be cut out of the budget.

“So I think, just to make sure that the universities understand that this is something we would like to see addressed and that they would like to take it seriously,” said Rep. Dorothy Moon.

But Democrats say taking away from from the schools will hurt everyone inside Idaho.

“We are hurting our students, and when we hurt our students we hurt ourselves,” said Mathias. “I’m asking, please do what duty and responsibility require.”

The budget originally called for $631 million in funding for schools. After it was taken back to committee, only about a $1.5 million was taken out in total.

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