Idaho farmer and businessman announces run for U.S. Senate

A US Army veteran, family farm manager and business man announced on Tuesday his candidacy as a Democrat for the US Senate representing Idaho.

“I am certainly not the typical lawyer, career politician, or millionaire US Senate candidate,” Travis Oler is quoted saying in his candidate bio.

In fact, Oler says he’s spent nearly his entire life as a member of the middle class, which is why he’s campaigning for Senator; to help Idaho’s struggling middle class.

Oler was raised on a potato farm in Idaho, according to his campaign website. He was honorably discharged from the US Army in 2004, and spent the following years as a freight train conductor at Union Pacific before beginning a career in franchising and Internet marketing for small business owners.

On his website, Oler states he is pro-business and pro-farming, and is opposed to corporate welfare, wasteful government spending, and the Trump tax cuts.

Oler currently manages his family farm in Shelley, Idaho, and runs his Internet marketing business, First Page Platinum.

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