Idaho Family Dinner campaign seeks to get more families to have meals together

Navigating holiday gatherings after a child’s hospitalization or diagnosis

BOISE, Idaho – To encourage families across Idaho to celebrate National Family Meals Month, the state’s Office of Drug Policy (ODP) is having their third annual Idaho Family Dinner campaign to get families to have more meals together.

ODP hopes people will join them on National Family Day Monday, Sept. 27, by making and enjoying a meal together and connecting with each other at the dinner table.

They are offering people a free Idaho Family Dinner Recipe Guide for the campaign. They said the guide includes “simple, budget-friendly meal ideas, engaging conversation starters and fun activities.”

Citing the Family Dinner Project, ODP said regular family dinners are associated with lower rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and other issues, as well as higher resilience and self-esteem.

Families participating in National Family Day can share photos of their family dinners to social media with the hashtag #IdahoFamilyDinnerNight.

“The Idaho Family Dinner Campaign is about conversations and connections, and serves as a great reminder of the incredible benefits of sharing regular family meals,” said ODP Administrator Marianne King.

You can find more information about the campaign and learn how to become a family dinner pro in three easy steps here.

Parents can find additional resources at the ODP’s Be the Parent campaign site.