Idaho DMV: Insure your vehicle or lose your registration

Idaho drivers now have to provide proof of insurance to the DMV, or have their registration suspended.

A new law was passed by Idaho legislature earlier this year, mandating that vehicle owners provide proof of insurance for two consecutive months, or their registration will be suspended.

There are currently about 1.2 million registered drivers in Idaho, with up to 200,000 people who appear to be uninsured.

No one expects to get into a car accident when they hit the road. For Breanna Wilson, her accident came with another unexpected mess.

“I was in an accident this summer and the person didn’t have insurance,” she said.

Which means Wilson had to deal with the car accident the hard way. It was either leave the damage on her car or she had to pay it all out-of-pocket to fix it.

“I didn’t cause the accident, why should I have to pay for it?” she said.

The law goes into effect January 2020, but the Idaho Transportation Department will be sending out letters to those uninsured in the next few weeks.

ITD is working closely with numerous insurance companies through an insurance verification system to determine monthly whether a vehicle owner has insurance. This only applies to non-commercial vehicles for the time being, and also excludes trailers and off-highway vehicles.

“If they don’t appear to have insurance for two consecutive months, at that point they will receive a warning,” said Megan Sausser, an ITD spokesperson.

Vehicle owners without insurance will receive a warning through a letter and be given 30 days to provide it. To reinstate a suspended registration, car owners will have to mail, call or email in proof of insurance to the Idaho Transportation Department along with the $75 payment suspension fee. None of this can be done in person at county DMV offices.

There might be some confusion, because if a driver does have insurance but their insurance company is not on ITD’s list, they could still get that letter in the mail. However, that can be fixed, if they just provide proof of having insurance.

For more information, check the Idaho Transportation Department website. Click here, for a list of what insurance agencies ITD is working with. The list is updated monthly. There are also other forms on ITD’s website if one is needed to be exempt from this law.