Idaho cousins leave country for stem cell therapy

Cottonwood resident Harold “Bud” Poxleitner was paralyzed in 1968 after a logging accident. His cousin, 40-year-old Robert Braucher, was paralyzed in 2003 in a car crash.

Now the two are preparing to fly to Cologne, Germany, for stem cell treatment, the Lewiston Tribune reports.

Poxleitner, who is paralyzed from the waist down, says he’s just hoping to get rid of the pain in his leg. Braucher, who has paralysis in his arms and legs, says he figures he might as well give the treatment a try.

In a procedure not yet legal in the United States, doctors will take bone marrow from the cousins’ hips, separate out the stem cells and then inject it back into their spinal cords near their injuries.