Idaho adult film actress sentenced to 10 years in foiled murder-for-hire case

Self-proclaimed porn star pleads guilty in N. Idaho murder-for-hire plot
Bonner County Sheriff's Office
Katrina Danforth took a plea deal and admitted to two charges of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire. 

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — A Post Falls woman was sentenced Tuesday to ten years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill the father of her one of her children in the midst of a long custody battle.

Adult film actress Katrina Danforth, who also goes by the name Lynn Pleasant or Lynn Passion, pleaded guilty to using interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire. She admitted to hiring a hitman, meeting him in person, calling him on the phone and mailing him a thank you card with a $2,500 cash down payment, which was half of what she owed him. The hitman turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Court documents show Danforth told the so-called hitman she wanted her ex’s body to be found and that she didn’t care if anyone else who lived with him was harmed, as long as their daughter was safe. Prosecutors played the recording of that call in court Tuesday. In it, Danforth can be heard saying she didn’t even care about what happened to the man’s kids, who were two to four years old at the time.

Danforth’s attorney wrote in court filings that Danforth acted in adult films, saying that she “did porn for the money.” Court records also show she has been a child care worker and has a license to do nails, along with training in massage therapy.

Danforth told a judge Tuesday her troubled past led her to make the decision that will impact the rest of her life. She said being a child of divorce, a victim of assault, and going through an intense custody battle drove her to be part of the murder-for-hire plot. The judge said he was troubled by her initial move to go through with the murder-for-hire, but even more troubled by her statement in court Tuesday, where she tried to justify that decision.

Beyond her time served, Danforth will be spend three years under supervised release and will be required to pay a $1,000 fine.

The federal judge in the case bumped the fine he originally set at $5,000 down to $1,000, because he’d rather see Danforth’s extra money go toward her family. According to court records, Danforth has two children, including the one she shares with the man she targeted. The judge said Tuesday her kids are the “real victims” in this case.

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