Icy road sends driver into creek bed, nearby residents say road is regularly in hazardous condition

Black ice sent one driver in north Spokane County into a ditch, and people who live nearby say it happens regularly.

A driver who was trapped inside a car that went spinning off the road and crashed ten feet down an embankment will be okay. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said the local woman didn’t realize how slick the roads were. She didn’t see the black ice until it was too late.

The sheriff’s office said she was driving on Dalton Road and was heading eastbound on Hazard in north Spokane County. Black ice caused her car to slide off the road, flipping upside down into a creek bed.

She was trapped for at least an hour. Then firefighters were able to break out a window and pull her to safety. Miraculously, she is going to be okay. The sheriff’s office said she suffered minor injuries.

Deputies had parts of the roadway closed while they worked to clear the scene.

People who live nearby told 4 News Now, this isn’t the first time black ice has caused a wreck on that stretch of road.

“It’s very deceiving. My temperature gauge just says 41, but coming up here right now, I know I was going to slow down because it is very icy,” said Rob Heinrich, a nearby resident.

“On both sides of it, there are sunny open spaces that are defrosted and not slick. Then these areas that are very slick,” said Krista Brewer, a nearby resident.

Both residents told 4 News Now, the section of Hazard Road in north Spokane County freezes over whether it’s snowing or it’s a clear day.

“This area doesn’t get much sun at all during the day, so from about here, up to country hills, it’s very icy,” Heinrich said.

“Very slick, consistently more slippery than anywhere else,” Brewer said.

If you glaze over the roadway on Hazard and Dalton in north Spokane County where the crash happened Sunday, the surface just looks wet even though there are several spots of black ice.

“We have contacted the county about it. But they don’t sand, they don’t deice,” Brewer said.

“You see at least one car in the ditch, at least one a year during the winter time,” Heinrich said.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said the driver survived with only bruising. They want drivers to be mindful this season. They don’t want anyone else fooled by black ice. Drive carefully and watch out.