Two California dogs set record for most tricks performed in a minute

Two California Dogs Set Record For Most Tricks Performed In A Minute
From Guinness World Records

Emily Larlham and her dogs, Wish and Halo, achieved the Guinness World Records title for the most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute.

Can you do 28 tricks in a minute? Two border collies named Wish and Halo can, and they have set the world record.

Guinness World Records announced that the border collies performed the most tricks by two dogs in one minute. Wish also broke the record for the fastest 5-meter crawl by a dog, achieving the feat in 2.175 seconds, according to the record keeping organization.

The dogs and their trainer, Emily Larlham of El Cajon, Calif., completed the tricks to submit to Guinness for approval on Dec. 22.

Larlham uses positive reinforcement training to teach her dogs and even has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping other pet owners, Guinness World Records said. She has more than 350 videos available on the account.

Wish, Halo and their three furry siblings — Kiko, Splash and Tug — help their human mom with the tutorials (and gaining some coveted records).

Larlham is also a speaker and is known in dog training circles around the world with her company, Dogmantics.

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