Teyana Taylor wants more ‘less is more’ with injectables

Teyana Taylor Wants More ‘less Is More’ With Injectables
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Teyana Taylor wants more “less is more” with injectables.

The ‘Bare Wit Me’ hitmaker loves being the face of Xeomin because its “a smart toxin” and makes her face smoother without “unnecessary ingredients”.

The 31-year-old rapper told Elle: “I’m a big researcher and because I’m new to injectables, I wanted to make sure that whatever I was using represented me — I’m a less is more kind of girl. So, anything that I try, especially on my face, I want to make sure that it takes the less is more approach as well. That’s Xeomin. Not only is it a smart toxin, but it doesn’t have all those unnecessary ingredients — and it provides me with consistent results. My frown lines, like I call ’em my Chicago Bulls 11s, have cleared right up.”

Teyana – who is mother to her daughters Junie, six, and Rue, two, with her husband Iman Shupert – loves her new look because she is too busy to “achieve” the look she longs for.

She said: “I’ve literally tried everything to have a smooth appearance on my forehead — shaving, skincare, everything. Now, I look smooth and moisturized all the time. I have on no makeup besides a brow and my lip gloss — and you can see the shine on my forehead. I could never achieve that before. I no longer feel the urge to get up and just be glamourized all day.

“I’m such a happy person; I’m a smiler. I have two beautiful daughters and a beautiful husband; there’s no reason not to smile. Now I can do that without worrying about making my smile lines worse.”

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