Start 2020 with a clear mind: 10 ways to get organized

Welcome to 2020 — with the holidays past and a brand new year ahead, now is an excellent time to get organized. Whether you’ve got a messy closet, cluttered kitchen counters or simply that pile of stuff in the corner, tackle it now and you’re sure to enter the new year with a clear head. Read on to find 10 simple storage solutions that are here to help.

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Shoe Display

Say no to piles of shoes on your closet floor with this hanging shoe organizer. Made of cotton and metal, it features 10 open shelves, two metal hooks and a collapsible body. Opening up your closet will no longer give you a pang of dread!

Hanging Shoe Organizer from Houzz

Stair Stasher

Piles are hard to truly get rid of, but this wicker step basket will make yours a bit easier on the eyes. Besides that, this basket is also action-oriented. With handles on either side and two compartments, it’s ideal for stowing things and promptly taking them up or downstairs on your next trip.

Wicker Step Basket from Houzz

Sock Drawer 2.0

If there’s ever a time to compartmentalize, it’s when organizing your sock drawer — or any drawer for that matter. This 15-piece honeycomb organizer is perfect for keeping individual pairs of socks, underwear or t-shirts folded and easy to find. Made of recycled materials, this set can be made smaller or larger to fit your drawers.

Drawer Organizer Set from Houzz

Silverware Only

Speaking of drawers, how are the ones in your kitchen? In such a busy room, it’s easy to stash things now and then into your drawers and end up with a lot of extra clutter. Take control of the situation with this expandable bamboo drawer organizer, complete with a few kitchen utensils.

Expandable Drawer Organizer Set from Houzz

Wine Time

It goes without saying that most of us do not have room for a wine cellar. But don’t let that stop you from keeping a few bottles handy with this sleek metal wine rack. With room for six bottles, this countertop rack offers a beautiful way to stow your wine on its side, even if you don’t have room for a built-in option.

Silver Wine Rack from Houzz

Spices in a Row

Make cooking and baking a breeze by organizing your most-used spice jars together. This small teak spice rack has room for about six spice jars and can be mounted to the wall or within a cupboard for easy access.

Teak Spice Rack from Houzz

Roll Away

If you suffer from a lack of counter space, you might consider this kitchen trolley. Made of bamboo, this trolley features three shelves, a drawer and wheels to roll it wherever it’s needed. It’s the perfect spot to do some extra prep work, toss a salad or leave some dough to rise.

Amsen Kitchen Trolley from Houzz

A Beautiful Bin

Store just about anything and make it look good too with this medium-sized wicker basket. This single basket has a convenient carrying handle and a rich walnut brown color. Put it by the front door, on a shelf, in the bathroom — anywhere you need some extra organization.

Wicker Storage Basket from Houzz

The Perfect Shelves

Shelves are the ultimate storage solution, as they don’t take up any floor space. And these floating shelves, with their rustic walnut finish, will add definition and style to your walls. Use them in the bathroom, the kitchen or even a hallway.

True Floating Shelves, Set of 2 from Houzz

Hang It Up

From the mudroom to the kitchen, this versatile shelf will transform any room into an organized space. Made of reclaimed wood with a smooth finish, this shelf features four hooks and a sizable shelf. Use it as a tea station, to hold cooking pans or even to hang coats and aprons.

Natural Tea Shelf from Houzz